Safety Percussions:

1. There is plenty of quite clean litter. Donīt forget to wash your hands after picking up litter.

2. Use gloves to protect your hands when picking up broken glass and soiled litter. You might also consider using a pick. Check with your local hardware store or waste management office.

3. You can use leaves, small plastic bags or napkin to pick up tobacco stubs.

4. It is very rare to come accross a drug needle, but if you happen to come accross one, use caution, because it is considered a hazardous waste. Be sure to use gloves, place the needle in a container, and take it to the nearest pharmacy.

5. Always remember to wash your hands after picking up litter.

By picking up litter, you are making this world a safer place for humans and animals alike. Thank you for caring, and making a difference.

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