Litter Movement
Pick up a piece of litter every day


“Be the change that you wish to see in the world”, Mahatma Gandhi

"Nobody makes a greater mistake than he who does nothing because he could only do a little", Edmund Burke

"The environment is our common living room. Let´s take care of it together, President of the Republic of Finland, Sauli Niinistö.

"One small pick for man, one giant pick for mankind", Lotta Vartola, member 11 yrs.

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World Wide Littermovement in Facebook (english). -project

One day, when plenty of people had picked up lot of litter, the earth came to blossom in thanks and raised beautiful flowers, that defied wind and snow.

Welcome to Littermovement!

Almost everywhere in the world littering is a common habit. However, a rational human being starts questioning the status quo and that's how all changes take place:

Does it have to be this way?

Is there any sense in wasting our tax money on cleaning up litter tossed on the ground by people? At the same time governments are cutting down funding for the care of children, the sick, and elderly people.

-Do we really approve animals getting hurt or killed because of litter somebody has left on the ground, asks Tuula-Maria Ahonen, a journalist who founded the Litter Movement in year 2000 together with her two daughters Iisa and Ilona.

A piece of litter, thoughtlessly thrown away, looks ugly in the environment and endangers the safety of animals

In her hand Tuula-Maria is holding pieces of glass gathered from the ground. The glass could easily cut open the paws of their small puppy Iines.

Welcome to a movement of heart and conscience. A small deed is enough.

It is easy to judge people who litter but does it make a difference? The members of this movement have chosen a different approach.

We pick up at least one piece of litter every day and invite at least one person to join the movement.

The less litter there is on the ground, the less people will litter. Litter Movement has made many people who used to litter, question and change their ways.

There are members on all continents around the world. The southernmost members live in Argentina and Australia, the northernmost members in Lapland.

As a member of the Litter Movement you don't have to fill in forms or pay membership fees. All you need to do is to pick up a piece of litter every day and put it in a rubbish bin. Also invite at least one person to join the Litter Movement. Being a member is foremost a personal commitment.

Get yourself a mini bin !

Nature belongs to all of us.

In the Litter Movement there are children, youths, adults, elderly people, and families. There are also schools from all over the world. One person can do only a little but together we can create an environment that is more comfortable for humans and safer for animals

It feels good to do deeds that show that you care. Sometimes people around you may thank you for it.

It is important to recycle litter you pick up if recycling bins are available. If there are only few recycling bins in your area, you can ask for more from the town or city officers.

Safety precautions

Litter Movement and it´s founder Tuula-Maria Ahonen was awarded Terre de Femmes -prize in May 2010 by Yves Rocher Foundation.

Litter Movement was awarded the Vision of the Year award in Finland in 2001.