Make an important favour to the environment
- Give a beautiful recycling minibin as present and get it also to yourself!

You can see cigarette butts everywhere. They are the most common litter in the world. The butts contain various toxic and carcinogenic components. Cigarette butts are not biodegradable, they are made of plastic (cellulose acetate). When tossed into the environment, they break down into micro plastics and release all the chemicals, heavy metals, toxins, and carcinogens that they have absorbed.

Cigarette butts are a major threat to birds and fish, who mistake them for food and eat them. Cigarette butts block their digestive tracts and release these chemicals, heavy metals, toxins, and carcinogens into their bodies. The butts are also dangerous to small children and dogs, who take them in their mouth .

Chewing gum is also a very common and slowly biodegradable litter. It is very difficult to remove from wherever it has been dropped.

You can easily prevent all kinds of small trashing by using a minibin. A filmcontainer or different kinds of small containers with a tightly fitted lid, is suitable.

The diabetics use test sheets that have containers which fit well to the purpose. In Finland the diabetics associations help the littermovement by gathering those containers when empty.

The minibin can be decorated as you wish with stickers or special tapes, using prints and tape or with your own paintings.

Dostoyevsky said: "Beauty saves the world!". We have seen that this is true. In Finland we have already had exhibitions of minibinart! Very many people say: "The minibin is a smart invention!"

Taking care of small trash brings us to take care of bigger trash, too! We learn to take care of our common beautiful world.

Thank you very much!

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